NFL Picks – Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks

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seahawksBy Greg Dempson

Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks Total 43.5

There are nine teams that have started the season at 0–2 and three of those nine winless teams recently played in and won a Super Bowl, Seattle the New York Giants and Indianapolis. Of those nine winless teams, six of them made the playoffs last season. Looking back through the years, only 12% of the teams that started the season at 0–2 have advance to the post season since 1990.

Three teams started this season at 0–2 and made the playoffs, but more impressively, those three teams eventually won the Super Bowl? Do you know what three teams? The answer’s at the end of this column.

Seahawks fans do not despair

Pete Carroll has not fared well coaching Seattle on the road as the team is only 19–23, they do their best work at home. This week they host the winless Bears and the following week they are featured on Monday night vs. the Lions, who are 0–2 and hosting a tough opponent this Sunday, the Broncos.

Now for the good news, Kam Chancellor is back with the team. In their first two games this season, without Chancellor, the Seahawks allowed 79% completion on passes down field 15 or more yards totaling 269 yards in games one and two along with two touchdowns. Last season in games one and two, with Chancellor playing, Seattle held opponents to 64 yards in the identical scenario while allowing only one touchdown.

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View From the 50 Yard Line

  • In all games that Russell Wilson has started, last week was the first time he lost by double digits.
  • Jimmy Klassen would love to have that problem as he is 1–17 as a starter, (4–14,) ATS. In those 17 starts the average margin of defeat in those 18 games is 30.2 vs. 13.4. That combined score is 43.6 which is bang on with the full game Over/Under total of 43.5 points.
  • The Bears are 15–29 to the under on the road when off back-to-back losses, average score is: Opponent 23.5 vs. Chicago 17.7, (1.2 combined points.)
  • Seattle is 0–6 to the under when home off a loss with an average score of Seattle 19.7 vs. opponent 12.0.
  • Chicago held their first two opponents to an average of 311 yards per game, special teams are a nemesis though.
  • The Bears are 4–10 to the under following a double-digit home loss.
  • Play teams that allowed an average of 90 or less rushing yards per game last season, (Seattle,) to play under the total when hosting a conference foe with an over/under between 42.5 to 49 points. This system is 0–3 to the under this season as well as 0–5 to the under the previous five seasons, 2–15 to the under in the past 10 seasons and 12–40 = 77% to the under since 1983. The average score in this system is 39 points which is better than a field goal lower than the current total of 43.5.

My Every Edge Game of the Week Selection – NFL Picks

My recommendation is for the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks to stay under the total of 43.5 points.

Answer to Trivia Question

So, what three teams started the season at 0–2 and ended up winning the Super Bowl?

  • The 1992 Cowboys, (when Emmitt Smith held out,) was the first of the three.
  • In 2001 Drew Bledsoe was injured in game 1, the man who replaced him was none other than Tom Brady.
  • In 2007 the New York Giants defeated the Patriots 17–14 in the Super Bowl as 12 point dogs and thus the Patriots chance at a perfect season ended, and the 1972 Miami Dolphins are internally grateful

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