The West, the Beautiful – NBA Playoff Series Prices

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giseleThe West NBA playoff matchups, unlike the East, one can describe as BEAUTIFUL. You will have to be running multiple screens simultaneously as all four series are going to be great.

The Splash Bros vs the Monobrow, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre about to occur with the Rockets & Mavericks, defending Champion Spurs taking on Lob City and Rip City looking to make miracles against the wonder twins activate of Gasol and Randolph.

Here’s the NBA playoff series prices for the NBA Western Conference and each team’s NBA Championship title odds. Betting lines are provided by TopBet.


[1] Golden State Warriors   vs.    [8] New Orleans

Series Odds:   -5000                              Series Odds:   +2000

Title Odds:     +200                                Title Odds:     +12500

Head to Head: Warriors 3-1

Early Lean: Budding superstar Anthony Davis got his team in the playoffs on the last day of the season only to get to face the Splash Brothers. Welcome to the playoffs, Anthony. Warriors 4-1.

[2] Houston Rockets           vs.     [7] Dallas Mavericks

Series Odds:   -300                                Series Odds:   =250

Title Odds:     +2000                              Title Odds:     +4000

Head to Head: Rockets 3-1

Early Lean: Oooh these two teams don’t like each other. From both teams courting Dwight Howard, Mavs signing Houston’s Chandler Parsons and Houston inquiring on the availability of Dirk Nowitzki, you know the series will get nasty. This one goes the distance – Rockets 4-3.


[3] Los Angeles Clippers   vs.      [6] San Antonio Spurs

Series Odds:   +155                                Series Odds:   -175

Title Odds:     +1800                              Title Odds:     +350

Head to Head: Tied 2-2

Early Lean: Pressure is on Chris Paul, Blake Griffin et al to produce in the playoffs and the way to do it is against the current champions, San Antonio Spurs. Duncan, Ginobli and Parker are on their last hurrah. Spurs 4-2.


[4] Portland Trail Blazers vs.       [5] Memphis Grizzlies

Series Odds:   +160                                 Series Odds:   -190

Title Odds:     +6000                              Title Odds:     +2500

Head to Head: Grizzlies 4-0

Early Lean: Portland may be the higher seed, but Memphis have owned the Trailblazers the last few seasons. The playoffs is where the Grizzlies have played their most entertaining ball the past few seasons. Grizzlies 4-2.