Updated NHL Series Odds Calgary vs Vancouver

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NHL Updated series odds

Imagine what he’ll look like if the Canucks do come back to win the series

It was a half-hearted click when I surfed over to the Updated NHL series odds for Calgary vs Vancouver at Bet 365.


I was there to check the slate of updated series odds of course, it’s just that the Flames vs. Canucks series wasn’t the one I was particularly interested in.


My playoff ritual, for years now, has been to check series prices after the opening game (for the NBA, MLB and NHL).


What I’m looking for is an opportunity to back a team that took a hit in Game 1. If I still think they can win the series and the updated price is better than the odds I give them, we have a potential play.


After a closer look at the Flames-Canucks, I was intrigued.


Vancouver went from a -130 favorite before the puck dropped on Wednesday night, to the current series price of +150 after that 2-1 loss.


I went back and reviewed my pre-series handicapping notes, re-watched the second half of Game 1 and mulled things over.


I still think Vancouver wins this series.


They might not of course, but nothing I saw from watching the first game (live in its entirety and then the final 30 minutes again via PVR) scares me off that prediction.


Vancouver created a healthy number of good scoring chances. Calgary didn’t. I don’t see that gap changing much the rest of the way, whether the Canucks are at home with last change, or on the road, where Coach Hartley gets his matchups.


And with the way Vancouver put the body on the Calgary D corps, this will pay dividends down the road. Those big minute guys on the backend are going to be feeling the pounding come Game 5 and 6.


NHL Series Picks:

With Matthias and Richardson back, Vancouver has the edge up front. As the series progresses, their four lines will wear down a youthful Flames’ lineup. Calgary hung around in Game 1 and jumped on two mistakes to tie the game and then win it late. But this isn’t a case of the better team winning the game.


I see Vancouver winning on Friday to even the series, at which point these odds (Vancouver +150) will look damn good.


I’m grabbing this now.


Vancouver at +150 to win the series is the play.



See the current odds at Bet365


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