Wisconsin vs. Kentucky Picks

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This Kentucky Fans Christmas time!


I liked this play more on Wednesday and Thursday than I do this morning. But here goes…..

Wisconsin vs. Kentucky Final Four Pick

Wisky and the points looked good to me the moment this matchup was set, but the more time that passes, the more I break the game down, the more my conviction weakens.

I thought this article was going to be a smooth piece to put together, but that hasn’t been the case.

I’m still playing the Badgers, as I originally planned, but building the case hasn’t been the cakewalk I felt it would be.


One check on the Wisconsin side of the ledger is the watching what Notre Dame was able to do. Not only can Wisky duplicate that strategy if they choose, but they can do it better (spread out the Kentucky bigs, pulling them out. Feed Kaminsky inside and when it doesn’t go to Kaminsky, hit the outside shots).


Oh, and Kaminsky and Dekker don’t need to be under the basket to hit shots – they can hurt you from all over.


But on the flip side of that Notre Dame contest, they didn’t do Wisconsin any favors with that two-point loss. Kentucky was pushed to the brink and survived – forget about any edge Wisky might have had facing a very young team flirting with over-confidence. The Fighting Irish received that benefit. It won’t happen again.


With future NBA talent all over the court for Coach Calipari, the Wildcats are going to create major problems for one of the most disciplined, fundamentally sound teams that I’ve watched the last few years.


The talk about this being one of the best college lineups ever, says it all. They are the best team in college basketball.


But I still see a close game. Look for Wisconsin to execute the gameplan, and even if things aren’t clicking as they hoped, their discipline, ability to hang on to the ball and limit points off the transition, limit free points at the stripe and their experience will guide them.


Wisconsin vs. Kentucky Pick:

The play is on the Wisconsin Badgers to cover the five points.

Wisconsin +5


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